UNITY           Team Solo+ was built for one reason: to get you the best of solo and teamwork. It’s like having two pros for the price of (almost) one. You have one expert assigned to your project, but there’s a support cast backing him up when necessary, so things move fast and smoothly. Here’s why you should choose it and how it benefits you:


  • Speed. We don’t slow down when the pressure hits! With a teammate behind the scenes, we can jump in and help each other out. This means getting your project done much quicker than if you went with just one freelancer.


  • Reliability. Even though there’s just one person in the spotlight, if surprises happen, our backup steps in, keeping your project on course. You can count on us to deliver, no matter what.


  • Budget-Friendly. Hiring two people can be pricey. Team Solo+ gives you the speed & reliability of two for the cost of (almost) one. You get the expertise of both our pros without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win!

TEAMWORK           With Team Solo+, you share your task list and deadlines with your lead designer. They decide whether to tackle tasks themselves or involve the support team (available only for up to a couple of hours daily). The support team manages the online portal and offers extra project assistance boost if needed. Completed tasks are swiftly uploaded for your review and feedback, ensuring iterative refinement. Regular updates keep you informed of progress. If additional assistance is needed, you can always consider upgrading to a different team option.


FLEXIBILITY           When you work with our team of experts, you’re not just getting one person focused on your project; you’re tapping into a group that’s ready to adjust to whatever you need as things change. If you need to switch experts or get extra help from our support team, you can do it without any hassle. We believe in working together to make sure your project gets the best ideas and solutions possible.

Key Features

What’s included in Team SOLO+


All services included
Unlimited design requests
Unlimited revisions
Daily design updates
Project manager
Office & Remote Support
Pause or cancel anytime
No hiring required


Creative Director
Art Director
Studio Coordinator
Concept Artists
Set Designers
Graphic Designers
Storyboard Artist
Video Editors


Online Portal /per project/
Online meeting rooms
Group Department’s chat
Free Stock Photos
Free Stock Videos
Free Stock Graphics
Free Storage
VIP Print Pricing

01. When should I choose Team Solo+ over traditional freelancing?

Choose Team Solo+ if you prioritize consistent quality, faster completion, and assurance that everything will run smoothly. It’s ideal for projects needing reliability and support. However, if the lowest price is your main concern, traditional freelancing might be a better fit for your budget.

02. What happens if the support team needs to work more than the usual hours?

If the support team needs to work extra hours, we can adjust the project plan by trading this additional time for free time for the lead expert. This helps balance the workload and keeps your project on track without extra charges. You can also upgrade to a more comprehensive team option.

03. Can I work directly with the support team?

Generally, you’ll work through the lead designer, who coordinates with the support team. This approach ensures smooth communication and consistent results. If specific interaction with the support team is needed, your lead designer will facilitate it.

04. What does ``pause or cancel anytime`` mean for my project?

You can put your project on hold or cancel it entirely whenever you choose, without any extra charges. This allows you to adapt as your project’s needs change. However, we appreciate a heads-up so we can better plan and manage our team’s workload.

05. Do you offer discounts for long-term projects?

Yes, we provide discounts for clients who engage us for long-term projects or establish ongoing relationships. These discounts are designed to offer better value and cost savings over extended periods of collaboration.